Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smells like Filofax

So I guess I had my weeks a tad off last week... today marks the end of week 35 and tomorrow is the beginning of week 36 in my week-on-two-pages-with-notes.

That's what I get at the end of the summer. It's like a sprog stupor or something. I had a fairly busy week, for all that my kids went back to school. Lots of finishing up last minute things, cleaning up from them being here all day and reorganizing everything for them to get the year started on a good note. I spent time finishing up around our family room desk area and helping my younger son with his desk (although he does his homework in the kitchen where I can prod him), plus trying to get my own work back on track.

Here's the end of this week:

Weekdays on the left, notes on the right behind the clear divider. I use a checklist stamp (but not the Muji one that is so popular... I'm such a rebel!) on the notes page. It's covered here by a card on which I write our weekly menu on one side and the grocery list on the back. The red bit peeking out underneath is an apple-shaped post-it on which I've written my kids' bus numbers and times.

And what next week looks like for me so far:
I did actually go back and stamp another purple checklist on here. Having only two was wishful thinking on my part. Hey, a girl can dream.

I will move my clear "week" tab into place tonight.

This Filofax (my purple A5 Malden) is strictly my home planner, and it's mostly housebound. I do take it along when I travel, but I carry a personal size Filofax as my wallet with just basic information that I might need while out and about. So this one has all my home stuff and my husband has access to it (see post below wherein I discuss the reason that I bought my first Filofax...). Each of the three binders is different, with different sections and purposes.

This is the set up for my home binder. I make all my own dividers and tabs and accessories. I use the checklist stamp (mine is probably double the size of the Muji one I've seen on other sites) and I use washi tape and stickers just for fun. I rarely use any of the decorations so that they cover writable areas, because I do use my planner for planning.

Top tabs: month, week, home, family, me.
The tabs on the top are for easy access to the bigger sections. The "month" and "week" tabs are clear so I can see both pages. Behind the "home" tab I have lists of information that comes in handy (I just added the model information for the filter I need to replace the water filter in the fridge... I can never remember that one). I also have business card holders here for companies we like to use. Just yesterday we had a locksmith in to match all the door locks in the house and I kept his card.
Side tabs: next year, to do, sections for both of my kids, and a health tab.
The side tabs open into the larger tabbed sections. The "to do" tab opens to a page in the "home" section where I have lists of things that need to be done around the house. The kids' tabs both open into the "family" section and I keep information about school and sports behind their tabs. The health tab is part of the "me" section, and includes a food diary, wellness journal, and a lists of current meds for reference.
Front page!
I keep this little decorated page in the very front. There's a picture of my husband and I, one of the boys and our dogs, and one of my cat, who died on July 3. It just makes me happy.

My younger son decorated the back of my family page. It also makes me smile. The plastic sleeve on the right is a top-open sleeve. I have a laminated list of important phone numbers taped to the front of it and a pen holder on the side for an extra pen. There's also a cervical cancer awareness sticker... I lost a good friend to cervical cancer just yesterday.
After the sleeve, I have my year planner. I use the vertical arrangement. On this, I put all the holidays, any days my husband has off work, and all days that my kids are off school. This helps when planning for vacations or when I go out of town.
After my year-at-a-glance, I have the months. This is September, which I decorated with a travel theme, since I'll be traveling. The divider is clear in the middle so I can see both pages when I open it.

Do you like it? This works really well for me.

Next time I'll show you my wallet-binder!

Have a great week!! Happy Labor Day to my US friends!


  1. I'm loving the clear dividers! I am guessing that they are acetate sheets with washi for the borders?? Going to try this myself. And your post more recently about the Personal Malden as a wallet is really making my think it's something I'd like to try - especially with finance pages to 'force' me to record my spending as it happens (I need the accountability). Thanks so much for sharing all these great ideas on your very enjoyable blog (found through the FB Planner Addicts group and now on my Bloglovin' feed!).

    1. Hi Kellie! Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. I lurve that. The dividers are actually made from card stock and scrap booking paper and then run through my laminator. I chose matching paper and card stock and glued them together, then traced a divider (I just freehanded the top tab ones... which is probably why they look a little wonky). I cut out the divider then traced the inside 1/2 inch from the edges and cut the middle out, then ran it through the laminator. Voila! Fun stuff!