Monday, October 14, 2013

Deadlines and Filofaxes

I'm back again, lovely readers. I'm still Filofaxing and trying to keep up with the bazillion things going on.

I've got a writing deadline looming and a release coming up awfully quickly. I'm so over the moon about the release and I'm holding a Facebook release party complete with prizes. I'll do something local, too, I've got some plans for close family and friends and I'm working with a store here in da 'Burgh that carries zombie-themed stuff. So that's very exciting. I've gotten a few blurbs for my novel that humble me, seriously. If these blurbers are being honest, then I've actually written a good book. (Sometimes it's tough for writers to see their own work objectively... okay, most of the time.)

If you want to support a writer, it's really very easy, AND you'd be in the running for a couple of pretty awesome zombie prizes. Go like my author on FB and click to join my release event. If you come to the event page on November 2 and leave me a message or a question, you'll be entered for the prizes. More on those prizes later. Here's the link to my author page: right HERE, and here's one to the event page HERE. Folks who like my author page get earliest news on new releases and some other fun tidbits. I'm not a spammer and I don't update more than a few times a week.

Anywho, I'm taking part in ABFOL's next photo challenge.

I haven't posted any photos yet, and I'm not going to inundate you today, here are the first four:

Day 1 -  Cover
These are the three planners I use most... A5 purple Malden for home/personal, A5 purple Original for work, and personal purple Malden for on-the-go/wallet.

Day 2 - Where you plan
In last month's challenge I showed you my desk. Here is the other place I plan: in my family room. That cheeky red dog is in my seat.

Day 3 - Orange
Here is October with orange decorations.

Day 4 - Dividers
I use top and side tab dividers in my home/personal planner.

I'll update again soon to catch up with the photo challenge and show you my weekly pages. See you soon!