Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy Being Filofabulous

Hey there intrepid readers!

I've had an incredibly busy week or so, what with a business trip to Las Vegas and then trying to put my house back together from my parents staying here with my kids. It's not like my folks actually have kegger parties or anything, but all the usual little stuff that we do to keep things running smoothly doesn't get done.

We're almost caught up, so I thought I'd take a minute and update here.

Las Vegas was FABULOUS. It was my first visit to Sin City and we had a blast. I did spend time at my business conference, including being a panelist on a crime writing panel, but we managed to see some of the Strip as well. My favorite bits were our time spent at the Strip Gun Club, where I got some instruct on handling a Glock and going to see Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity.

Here's me on the crime writing panel with some amazing writers (and a cop):

Anyway... on to the Filofax.

Here's week 39 (just completing today)...

 And here's week 40 (starts tomorrow)...

And here's my pictures from the Planner Addicts Photo-A-Day Challenge (I've been posting to the Planner Addicts group on Facebook, so I'm not really behind)...

Day 14 - Stuffed full

This is the personal size Malden I use as my wallet.

Day 15 - Leaning tower of planners

Is there a 12-step program for this?

Day 16 - Supplies

My supply drawers. Fairly moderate compared to some I've seen.

Day 17 - Creative

My clear dividers. I make them myself. Mighty proud of those, since I'm not really crafty.

Day 18 - By your drink

I was at the airport. That's my husband's breakfast across the table.

Day 19 - Planner caddy

Since I was in Vegas, my caddy was my carry-on and a pen case. I don't use a caddy at home. Everything pretty much stays in one place.

Day 20 - Handwriting

I've never been impressed with my own handwriting.

Day 21 - Color-coded

I don't actually color code on the pages, but I like to make my ink color coordinate with my decorations. Go ahead and laugh.

Day 22 - Post-Its and flags

I don't actually use a ton of these, but sometimes I do if it's something I need to really need be aware of. I think I wrote new bus schedules on this one.

Day 23 - To do 

I use a to do list stamper on the notes pages of my week view.
Day 24 - Brand new

This is a new-to-me Filofax Bloomsbury in teal.
Day 25 - Pockets

I stuck a Post-It pocket to a plastic FF sleeve. I keep stickers in the sleeve and recipes in the Post-It pocket. There's also a business card holder there.
Day 26 - Pen case

I have a Frixion addiction.
Day 27 - Planner charms

Day 28 - On the shelf

These are the three I use most... the A5 Malden, the A5 Original, and the personal Malden

Day 29 - Love

I originally shared a photo of my sprogs, but I'm not keen on putting them on a public blog. So here are some other loves. Daryl Dixon, a voodoo doll, and an alpaca that my mom got me. And books. Lovely, lovely books.

Parting shot... me and the husband at Zumanity in Las Vegas...

I hope your week is lovely and productive!!

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  1. I didn't even think of posting my planner challenge last month on my blog!