Sunday, September 8, 2013

You're So Filofax (Photo Challenge and Weeks 36 and 37)

Hey everyone! I'm back with days six, seven, and eight of Toni's Planner Addict challenge and a weekly update.

First up, the challenge. I've been having a blast with this and sharing my photos in Toni's Facebook group. So many wonderful, like-minded people, and a truly positive bunch.

Day 6 - On the Go

My personal Malden and my bag in my car.

Day 7 - Workspace

I use my writing office for my planner space, too. This is an alcove at the front of our house, off the living room. We call it the sunroom because it's eastern facing and gets a ton of beautiful morning sun. There are floor to ceiling bookshelves on the right and left and a comfy chair and ottoman to the left of where I'm standing for this picture.

Day 8 - Sticky

I'd been talking on the phone with a close friend of mine who had several bits of interesting news. I took notes while we talked and the post-its ended up in my planner.

And that catches me up with the photo-a-day challenge!

Here's the end of week 36... it ended up being comfortably busy.

The week on two pages with notes format is working out so well for me. I love having space for each day to journal a little, just the basics of the day and some reminders, and the notes page for the to do stamp. I have a lot to do during the week, but usually nothing is set in stone for a particular day. It's really ideal for me to keep one giant running to do list for the week that my husband and I can both refer to and check off as we can finish something. There are a few things we always do on the weekends (my son cleans out his hamster's cage on Saturdays, bedding gets changed on weekends, school uniforms must be washed on weekends), so I simply write those in the bottom right corner of the to do section.

And here's the upcoming week...

We're headed into the fall term for our sprogs, so we will be crazy busy. Elder Sprog plays soccer, with games every week and he's on his school's FLL Robotics team, which has a ton of practices up until the regional competition in December. If they do well enough, they'll go on to the national competition in January, which means more practices. Younger Sprog isn't quite so involved yet, so for now it's really just running one of them around.

I have a writing deadline in October and a novel release at the beginning of November, so I'm going to be busy writing, too.

Wish me luck and have a great week!

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