Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of week 33 and going into 34

Hi everyone!

This morning my sprogs went back to school. My older son started eighth grade, and the younger is a fifth grader. They're both now the oldest classes in their respective schools (middle and junior schools), "big men on campus," or so to speak, so I anticipate a year of ego. Whee!

The last few weeks have been very busy, with trying to get the house reorganized for school and getting the sprogs ready. Each of the boys had a chore checklist for the last two weeks, and I've got to admit, they did well. I was surprised. The 13-year old took on the responsibility himself and I didn't really have to remind him to do much. The 10-year old needed a little more prodding, but that's how it goes.

Here's what my completed week 33 in my A5 Malden looked like:

I know, crazy, right?

I love to look at pictures and videos of Filofaxers who decorate like crazy. Their planners look so pretty! My planner, even at A5 size, doesn't seem to have room for me to do much decorating. I use the week on one page with notes, because we often have to do lists with mostly items that need to be done by the end of the week, not necessarily by a set time, so I find it helpful to just make a master list of the week's chores, rather than assigning them to a particular day. The page with days serves as a reminder for appointments and a casual diary.

Here's this week (week 34):
Yay for back to school!

My boys and I spent most of yesterday cleaning and reorganizing the computer area in the family room. Both boys use the desktop for homework, although the older one has more to do on the computer, so I wanted to make sure the space was ready for homework. I didn't take a before picture (I'm kind of glad I don't have to admit what it looked like before we went at it), but here's what we ended up with...
Each boys has an after-school checklist hanging on the message center to the right. Our family calendar is hanging above. Having the desk area mostly clear and ready for homework made me feel good, but they didn't seem quite so thrilled. *snicker*

In another post I will explain further about how I use my Filofax for writing, which is my job. I use an A5 Malden for my home organization, a personal Malden as a wallet, and an A5 Finsbury for work.

Have a great week!

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  1. found you through the planner addict facebook group. Loving the purple filo's I'm thinking of getting a pesonal malden for a wallet/walk around planner myself. Weighing out the price and if I'd actually use it.

    Also wanted to mention I also have 2 kiddos same ages as yours. I have a girl and boy though. They certainly keep us busy. Great blog.