Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And again with the long time...

But the holidays knock me for a loop. They do every year. My kids get 2 1/2 weeks off and I look at that time and think "PROJECT!" Since there's no homework to nag about and no real schedule to keep, I figure it opens up all sorts of options for getting things done. What I always fail to think about, though, is how much is involved in just having the holidays. My parents came out and stayed for a few days and there were many friends to visit and lots of wrapping and  baking and decorating then undecorating. It's overwhelming. When I think about the fact that I usually feel like I'm just barely holding my head above water during the rest of the year, then toss in all the obligations around the holidays and my grandiose notions of getting extra things done... it usually doesn't turn out well.

BUT! Done is done, and my sprogs are getting to an age where we will be able to travel or do things besides bake and decorate. And now I'm facing a new year with all the possibilities that come along with a blank page. I like that part.

I get a few extra things done over break. This year we decided to tackle the kitchen ceiling. It needed sanded and painted from when we had recessed lighting installed. I also grouted a section of tile in the kitchen that was long overdue for attention. Those were the big house projects. We got a new refrigerator, too, since I wanted to stab the old one. It's very shiny and it sings a nice tune when it fills your glass.

So, as I promised in my last post, I'll show you my portable setup, which I'm using quite successfully. I've also switched into a new kind of inserts in my A5, made by DIYFish, and I love them.

Like I mentioned before, I'm using an aqua personal Malden for my main wallet.

I also carry a small Coach bag for my phone. This also enables me to carry just this little bag if I'm making a quick trip to the store or somewhere I won't need my calendar and all the goodies my Malden brings along.

My iPhone 5 fits nicely in this little bag and I can slip my drivers' license, insurance card, debit card, and some cash in easily. Just the basics.

Here's my little bag with phone and cash.

The Malden has vertical slots on the inside cover. I find these are perfectly adequate for the cards I use most often, like my license, debit card, and a few loyalty/membership cards.

In addition to the card slots, I use plastic sleeve card holders for other things I carry, like a few credit cards, insurance cards for the sprogs, coupons (of which I use very few) and membership cards used less frequently. 

I keep a current calendar in my Malden. These are just the Filofax Month on two pages, but for 2014 I've moved into beautiful pages by KiddyQualia on Etsy. The paper is heavier weight so there's no bleed through no matter what pens I use and the months are not double sided, so I can write notes on the backs of the months or insert papers if needed before or after a month. I sync this calendar with my big A5 master calendar as needed or once a week when I sit down to plan my week.

This calendar is really the main reason I decided to start carrying the Malden as my wallet. Too many times have I been at the doctors' office or dentist (or hair dresser or vet... or any number of places) by myself or with the sprogs and made a follow-up appointment only to discover later that there's a time conflict. And then I make the phone call the change the appointment. This helps tremendously for me to better organize my time efficiently. 

I keep some blank pages at the back in case I need to record anything while I'm out.

This is working really well for me. As long as I use a purse big enough for the Malden, I'm good. My regular purse, which is not terribly large, is perfect. 

I'll update again soon with a post about the new inserts. I have a video ready to show you for it!

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